Raving about Redcord

Redcord is an amazing body weight stability training tool.

I've been using Redcord as a rehabilitation and strengthening tool for nearly 5 years now and today wish to share some of my favourite exercises with you. Have you used this equipment before? It does appear to be similar to the TRX system but there is one key difference... the two ropes movement independently to each other which makes Redcord much harder to stabilise in. 

There was a moment in time when I was teaching Pilates and to some extend my clients would plateau using the equipment. It wasn't appropriate to simply make the springs harder or the challenge of the exercise more demanding but they needed to be challenged in a different way. That is when Redcord stepped in and changed how my clients exercise forever!

The simple truth about Redcord is that you can't cheat. You either learn how to recruit the correct slings and stabilise your joints, or you loose balance. From this perspective, my clients had to be really honest with themselves about the muscle strategies they were recruiting to perform the movements. 

The exercises I use aren't dissimilar to ones you would use in Pilates or a rehabilitation setting but the motor control demands required to perform the movement is much higher. The end goal of using Redcord is to continue to challenge my clients to move better and in a smarter way. Here are some of my favourites. 

I love to begin with a 4PK hover. It is the same position as table top on hands and knees but your hands are in the ropes and the challenge is to lift your knees of the floor a few inches, hover and breathe. As for most of these exercises, they are far more challenging than they appear. 

From the hover you can learn to move your arms or legs depending on the focus of your training. Click on the links to watch the video for leg extensions and arm slides.

You can continue to work on global abdominal, trunk, shoulder and hip control with these planking exercises. Click on the link to watch the video. 

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 4.19.38 PM.png

When using the sling to do side planking variations the system becomes more similar to a TRX because the two ropes move together. It still provides a challenging balance exercise.

To see these exercises in action you can check out the video for hip lifts and trunk rotation

I'll show you some more upper body strength work next time or check out my Instagram page for more ideas @siansmale_SF

Sian :)